The objective of the department is to train high calibre business professionals who will be absorbed into our current dynamic business job market.

  • Accounting courses offered: These courses include ATC (Accounting Technicians Certificate) Levels 1 and Level 2 and CPA (Certified Public Accountants) sections 1 to 6, both of which are examined by KASNEB. The department is in the process of offering CPS (Certified Public Secretaries) as well.
  • ATC I & II- Entry requirement KCSE D+ (KASNEB)
  • CPA I & II- Entry requirement KCSE C+, C+ in Maths & English (KASNEB)

Other courses are offered at both certificate and diploma levels. These include Business Management, Business Administration, human resource management, sales and marketing. The trainees are usually post secondary students and other professionals .

  • Diploma in Human resource management- Entry requirement KCSE C- (KNEC)
  • Certificate in Human resource management- Entry requirement KCSE D Plain (KNEC)

The lecturers in the department are highly qualified and work as a team and as a result the department has continued to post good results. Our goal is to produce trainees who are all rounded: academically, spiritually, physically and socially. 

Higher National Diploma in Human Resource Management Degree or Diploma in Human Resource Management. 5 Terms May KNEC
Higher National Diploma in secretarial Management TEP Sec.Studies, Stage III S&G in Sec. 5 Terms May KNEC
Diploma in Human Resource Management (Module I,II,III) C- (Minus) Pass in Cert. Human Resource mgt, Pass in relevant module 1yr Jan/May KNEC
Certificate in Business Management Module I D+ (Plus) D+ in Maths & English 6 months May KNEC
Diploma in Accountancy C- (Minus) C- in Maths & Eng. 1yr Jan KNEC